Impulse by FDR


Impulse by FDR
Blockchain: ETHEREUM ERC-20 Token Contract: 0x696c1de4e7f475d5231372c47a627e4cd6ce555a Total Supply: 100,000 IMPULSE Circulating supply (on Feb 11rd): 6 696 Impulse* *Circulating supply = Total supply - Supply on team address - Supply on Liquidity Pool Nature: Central-controlled deflationary compounder Marketing and Community Rewards: None Development Fund: None Pre-Sale: None Private-Sale: None Public-Sale: None Initial Uniswap liquidity: 4 ETH <-> 400 IMPULSE

Business model

EACH NEW BUY: UPDATE JANUARY 30, 2021 60% swap to ETH and sent to Bybit to work with the state-of-art fee rebate farming through a proprietary High-Frequency Market-Making Algorithm from which 60% of profit buys back IMPULSE on Uniswap, 10% compound interest in the bot and 30% as the performance fee distributed as follows: - 25% buyback FDR of which 50% for the trader and 50% for the FDR team. - 5% buyback OVOA 30% swap to ETH and sent to Uniswap Liquidity pool to allow hybrid custody so investors can have instant liquidity 24/7. 10% apreciation: price increase on Uniswap early investors and deter bots and speculators.